Thursday, April 14, 2016

Help win $10,000 for GHS

Three seniors at Grossmont High School (Carleigh Jensen, Tony Murphy, and Kristina Guliasi) are participating in Trend Micro's, "What's Your Story Contest," for a chance to win our school $10,000! They all worked hard to create their very own video based on the topic of, "What does the internet mean to you?" 

If you could do these three students a favor and show some Foothiller Pride and support, please ask your students to follow these basic instructions to help their chance at winning! Thanks!

2. Click on "2016 Entries"
3. Find the videos: "Perspective" by, Carleigh Jensen (page 4), "Internet is Timeless" by, Kristina Guliasi (page 7), and "The Internet to Me" by, Tony Murphy (page 3).

4. RATE, COMMENT, and SHARE whichever video you like best (or all three) to help their chances at winning! Remember, Grossmont has a chance at winning $10,000 because of these students!