Monday, November 2, 2015

Attention Seniors: GRAD NITE 2016 INFO

Grad Nite **SENIORS ONLY**
·         June 10th, 2016
·         Still working on details on when we are leaving (last year was a minimum day schedule)
·         Students will be on charter busses both ways
·         Event ends at 2am at Disneyland.  Return to GHS around 5am
·          Tickets on Sale from November 2nd – Novemeber 21st
·         Last year we sold out of tickets in the first 2 weeks.  Please plan accordingly as we have a limited amount of tickets
·         $140 w/ ASB and $155 w/o ASB (must be purchased in finance office – NO CHECKS please)
·         Any remaining tickets will go on sale 2nd semester at a higher price

·         If you already bought a Grad Nite ticket through SD Graduate supply at the Senior Faire you have a sport for Grad Nite

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