Monday, November 2, 2015


  • Awesome use of technology by Azita Mahmoudi for having her French students create a blog and write in French. Very authentic and creative. Well done! Way to put the “Prepared” in Pride for preparing our students for real life skills, making them “Life Ready!”  
  • Engaging lesson alert in Spanish. Senora Jacobs had a mercado happening in her room for students to practice real life situations. Once again, world languages putting the “Prepared” in Pride. Providing our students an opportunity to be “Life Ready!”
  • Carolyn Jungman saves the day! Carolyn has put the “Empathetic” in Pride. She tirelessly worked with the pride class students to create all those college posters and has been gracious enough to continue to help as we fix and add more posters. These will encourage our students to be “College Ready!”
  • Ms. J doing it big! Thursday Oct, 29 the dance show had so many talented GHS performers showing off their skills. Thank you Marta Jiacoletti for all you do with the dance program. You put the “Involved” in Pride!
  • Thank you to all the staff that dressed up on Halloween. You put the “Involved” in Pride. Your efforts made Grossmont a school where it is “Great to be Young and a Foothiller.”

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